Figured and Spalted Woods

Every wooden tube is different.  The photos will provide you an approximate color and grain pattern. 

 Figured Hard Maple is creamy white with a reddish tinge and usually has a straight grain, sometimes curly or wavy. Fine brown growth rings give an attractive figure on plain sawn surfaces.  

Each tube is made from the same board. Sawn in order, machined and a hollow hex shaped tube is glued up. The outside of the hex tube is turned to form the round tube.  I do charge more for figured and spalted woods. Fugured and spalted wood cost a lot more and the fail rate is higher due to the irregular gran patterns.

Any wood species can fall into this “figured” or “spalted” category. 

Enjoy your visit, shop around.  If you find something you like and have any questions send me an email.  Glad to answer any questions or talk over any special request you might have.  I can also confim availability and ship times. 

A kaleidoscope of figured or spalted wood will usually be custom made after we agree on what you want.

An example of a figured maple kaleidoscope $79.00 when available.


An example of a spalted maple kaleidoscope $79.00 when available.

IMG 2404

Closeup view of figured maple kaleidoscope tubes.